Magnum Opus Crosswords++

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Magnum Opus Crosswords++

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Description:   Make and print your own crosswords and other word puzzles using your own words and clues. Other features include (1) Written in the popular Java programming language, so that it will run on Macintosh, Windows and Linux. (2) Supports the Unicode character set which enables puzzles to be created in any language you care to name. (3) Printing Arrow-word puzzles is a simple matter. These puzzles which are popular in many countries have the clues printed within the puzzle in the spaces normally occupied by the pattern cells. (4) Many other puzzle types can also be made solved and printed, including Acrostic, Akari, Domino, Doublet, Fillomino, Futoshiki, Gokigen, Kakuro, Kendoku, Minesweeper, Sikaku, Slitherlink, Sudoku, Wordsearch and a number of lesser known puzzle types. (5) Web Applications are also included in the program so that the puzzles can be published interactively on the Internet.

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